Clayton Utz

Clayton Utz




Staff relocation

  • Project planning and project management
  • File mapping for the relocation of an internal library
  • Crate supply
  • Relocation of furniture
  • IT migration

Goals A + N has provided relocation services to Clayton UTZ consistently over the past six years in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne, which is testament building long-standing relationships with clients.  

Recently Goals completed a three-stage, internal move for a refurbishment project in Clayton Utz’s Brisbane office. Each stage consisted of relocating IT equipment (computers and double monitors), furniture and staff crates from the floor being refurbished to a vacant floor, where it was stored and then returned once the office refurbishment was completed.

Move scope
  • Provide a Project Manager to plan meetings, workshop presentations, assist with file mapping, liaise with building managers, supervise on-site relocation and post-move visit.
  • Supply and install building protection.
  • Pack and unpack all files and library contents.
  • Disconnect, place, and reconnect 90+ PCs and IT equipment.
  • Relocate 150+ furniture items and crates.

  • The relocation of 840 staff and packing/unpacking of 14,500 lineal metres of files and books over five days.
  • The relocation of 400 staff and packing-unpacking of up to 5,500 linear metres of files and books over four days, and disconnection, placement, and reconnection of 400 PCs.
  • The internal relocation of 320 staff, associated items and IT equipment including disconnection and reconnection services, over two stages.