Environment, Social and Governance

We believe all businesses have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens. At Goals, this means having a defined commitment and on-the-ground initiatives that deliver and measure environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes. As you’ll see, our ESG outcomes revolve around our employees, clients and the communities in which we operate.

Being a relocation service provider, we can positively influence our clients’ environmental impact with waste minimisation strategies and opportunities to participate in the circular economy. We also manage our own obligations to the environment and the broader society.

Example initiatives:

  • Via Green Furniture Hub, we have diverted more than 300 tonnes of office furniture from landfill. This a service that helps clients manage unwanted office furniture and fit-out items more sustainably. Click here for information.
  • We have helped more than 650 small businesses and charities secure 12,500 pre-owned items – reducing the carbon impact associated with buying new furniture and fit-out items.
  • We have established recycling partnerships for e-waste, metal and timber resource streams. Via these partnerships we have recycled more than 200 tonnes of metal and 50 tonnes of timber on client projects.
  • We have converted all our office lights to LED and purchased ‘green power’ from our energy retailer.
  • We have furnished our office with pre-owned furniture.
  • We have also embraced remote-working arrangements and technology – reducing the environmental footprint of our office spaces and lessened the need for many of our employees to commute and travel.

All people have the right to feel included, safe and fairly treated. Via our work, we aim to positively impact the well-being of those living in the communities in which we operate. We  aim to engage in ethical supply chains, including our approach to recruiting and managing staff. Furthermore, we aim to advance the reconciliation efforts of First Nations peoples.

Example initiatives:

  • We have introduced HR systems that ensure our casual labour force in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are employed and paid fairly and according to the Australian standards set out in the Transport Award.
  • We have drafted a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to guide our efforts in reducing the social, economic or legal inequities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  Our RAP is currently being reviewed by Reconciliation Australia.
  • Goals A+N is now a service provider to Wirrigan Business Services – a 100% Aboriginal-owned and operated managed services company. Click here to read more about our Wirrigan initiative.
  • We have in place recruitment practices that promote equality of opportunity across gender, race or religious preferences. For example, we employ women in our casual relocation and IT work crews – an employment sector traditionally being male only. We also have several casual staff of the Islamic faith and ensure they have safe spaces on sites to adhere to their daily worshipping practices.
  • Furthermore, we have  engaged  more than 300 community groups and not-for-profits in promoting free furniture via Green Furniture Hub.

We’re committed to responsible risk mitigation on client projects, driving quality standards in our operations, implementing practices that create a fair and safe working environments, and reporting on ESG outcomes.

Our initiatives:

  • We maintain ISO 9001 certification, which aims to improve the operations of our business, control risk, and deliver a quality standard to clients via formalised processes.
  • We ensure Safe Work Methods Statements are in place on our projects, which guide responsible work practices.
  • We issue Resource Recovery Reports to clients who engage our landfill diversion service, which transparently tracks our project outcomes.
  • Also, our Code of Conduct requires all Goals A+N employees and contractors to act with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct.

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