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stay connected

IT equipment can be the most important aspect of your organisation’s relocation. That’s why we have a specialised team that works in partnership with your IT department to design and manage the migration of your equipment to the new premises.

Overseen by our in-house network specialist, this technical service is a cost-effective solution for the disconnection, relocation, and reconnection of desktop or activity-based working (ABW) equipment.

Technology migration planning

Our Project Managers provide you with a checklist that guides your relocation of all IT infrastructure. Plus we can assist with new equipment planning, as well as roll-out and install.

Disconnection and re-connection of desktop equipment

Our IT crews are trained to efficiently disconnect and transport items with specialist equipment, trolleys and packaging before reconnecting hardware at your new premises.

Server rack set-up

Sometimes clients want to relocate the racks from their server rooms. That’s no problem – we can help you server and communication cabinet transport, as well as rack set-up.

Hardware tagging

Our teams have a system in place that barcodes and tags equipment, along with mapping placements – to assist in even the most complex of moves.

Cable management

Our experienced teams will make sure your ICT data and electrical cabling is tagged, migrated and re-cabled according to your workstation design.

New IT setups

We’ll unpack and install your new monitor arms and monitors across each workstation – reducing the workload of your IT team so they can focus on other aspects of the network.

IT cleaning

Our crews provide cleaning solutions to PCs and keyboards with anti-bacterial products that aim to reduce dust as well as sanitise.

Post move service

We work with responsible e-waste disposal service providers that aim to recycle components and divert materials from landfill.