Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd




Staff and IT relocation

  • Project planning and project management
  • Crate supply
  • IT asset mapping and migration
  • Strip-out of vacated site and landfill diversion via Green Furniture Hub

Goals A+N were appointed by Relocation Consultants ‘My Move Manager’ to provide IT and general relocation services. The project included the relocation of approximately 1200 staff, IT equipment and furniture between October and December 2020 from two sites into ‘Zurich Tower’, a new purpose-built building in North Sydney.

Move scope
  • Relocate of 1800 staff creates including packing, transport and unpacking of up to 1000 linear metres of files.
  • Reconnect all new and existing It equipment including 1800 new monitors, docking stations, monitor arms, keyboards.
  • Collect redundant IT equipment and recycling for our e-waste partners.

• We successfully delivered the program on time and budget. Via our sister company Green Furniture Hub, we managed the repurposing and recycling of more than 500 furniture items from the three sites, diverting more than 15 tonnes from landfill in the process.