Staff and IT relocation

  • Project planning and project management
  • Third party logistics
  • Crate supply
  • IT asset mapping and migration
  • Relocation of furniture
  • Strip-out of vacated site

Having previously worked with BHP on establishing project offices across Brisbane and managing internal moves with up to 1200 staff, Goals A+N were selected in 2020 to deliver a major relocation project of 500 staff.

Move scope
  • Relocate 500 staff including employee crates and furniture assets.
  • Relocate 1,000 desktop PCs including disconnection, relocation, and reconnection of the equipment and all cable management.
  • Third party logistics management of all new ICT equipment including receiving, storing and the dispatching of new equipment.
  • Create an inventory of redundant assets and provide strip-out of vacated tenancies to either storage or disposal.

We delivered a start-to-finish service from relocation planning to third-party logistics, to assisting in the make-good of the vacated sites. The project was successfully delivered on time and on budget.