University of Sydney (USYD)

University of Sydney (USYD)




Moves across campuses

  • Staff churns
  • Laboratory relocations
  • Student accommodation moves
  • Specialised furniture relocations

Goals A+N has been working regularly with USYD since 2017, moving facilities across the various campuses. The university has drawn upon a range of our specialised relocation services during their facility upgrades or change management programs.

Recent projects
  • The relocation of 530 pieces of laboratory equipment.
  • 120 staff move along with files, storage, furniture, fittings and equipment, ICT equipment, white goods and consumables, and artworks.
  • The relocation of wet and dry lab spaces, along with workshop spaces.
  • 200 student accommodation move including a combination of personal suitcases, cartons, backpacks.

Each of our projects with the university have drawn upon our campus management skill set, and have been delivered on-time and within budget.